Exporting LAS files failed (22684)


While exporting data from LP360 using the Export Wizard a COM Exception is encountered stating,

“Caller’s Message:
Exporting LAS files failed. (22684)
Exception Information:
HRESULT: 0x80004005
Unable to retrieve extended COM error information.”

Probable Resolution #1:

Is there another file in that location with the same name?

Probable Resolution #2:

Do you have any LAS files that contain only a single point? If so, remove that file and try the export again.

Probable Resolution #3:

Check the disk space to ensure that it has enough space to write the exported files. 

Probable Resolution #4:

Check the size of the image that you’re trying to generate. If it is too large to fit in your available RAM then the image generation process will fail. On step 2 of the Export Wizard, use one of the cookie cut options to generate smaller images or increase your pixel size to reduce the number of pixels in the raster. Since a floating point raster image contains 32 bits per pixel than an image containing 100 million pixels would be roughly 3GB in size. Plus, there needs to be enough RAM available to perform the computations.

Description: Appending LAS Point failed. – Check the disk space of the Windows temp folder on the machine performing the export to ensure it has enough space to write the exported files before being copied to the export folder.

Probable Resolution #6:

Use LAS File Analyst to verify all LAS files on the Active LAS Layer are of the same LAS version and PDRF.


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