Single Base vs SMARTBase vs PP-RTX

In True View EVO, the user has a number of options for post-processing the trajectory solution for a True View 410. Here is a quick comparison chart of the options. For more details on each method click on the name in the header to take you to their descriptive posts.

Single Base (Local)Single Base (Cloud)SMARTBase (Cloud Only)PP-RTX (Cloud Only)
True View Business ModelOwnedOwned and SubscriptionOwned and SubscriptionOwned and Subscription
Consumes True View Points*NoYesYesYes
AvailabilityMoments after missionMoments after missionHighly dependent on the surrounding CORS stations for the solution. This could be available shortly after the flight, usually shortly past the hour, or could take up to 24 hours for the CORS station data to become available for download. 1hr after mission
Horizontal Accuracy2-5cm *APX-15 UAV Spec Sheet2-5cm *APX-15 UAV Spec Sheet2-5cm *APX-15 UAV Spec Sheet (see note)<3cm
Vertical Accuracy2-5cm *APX-15 UAV Spec Sheet2-5cm *APX-15 UAV Spec Sheet2-5cm *APX-15 UAV Spec Sheet (see note)<6cm
Mission DurationNo RestrictionsNo RestrictionsNo Restrictions

Standard RTX: 30 min for full accuracy

Fast RTX: 10 min

  • Centimeter accuracy up to ~30km baseline
  • Ideal for small area collects (UAV)
  • Multi-single base for corridors
  • Centimeter accuracy up to ~30km baseline
  • Ideal for small area collects (UAV)
  • Centimeter accuracy in network
  • Ideal for large area collects
  • Ideal for long corridors
  • Centimeter accuracy globally
  • Ideal for large area collects
  • Ideal where there is no local infrastructure
  • Limiting for large area collects
  • Limiting for large area collects
  • Requires existing network of receivers near project area
  • Requires minimum 10min collection for Fast RTX and 30min for Standard RTX
  • Not tolerable to cycle slips
True View Operational ConsiderationsPOSPac desktop may only be used with owned systemsGood for user’s own base stations or single CORS close to the project area.Verify complete project area falls within the network.

Note: The accuracy for single base and SMARTbase is similar if the network of base stations for the SMARTbase are nicely distributed and baseline is not too far.
In areas where Fast RTX is not available, PP-RTX will not be a viable post-processing option if your drone does not allow for longer than 20 minute flights. We will be implementing a process in the future to accommodate this processing option.

*Please note, for a purchased (“owned”) True View unit, post-processing using a local base station is done using POSPac Desktop and does not consume True View Points. For a subscription True View unit, post-processing is done using POSPac Cloud, even when using a local base station, and always consumes True View Points. True View Points are required for either type of system, purchased or subscription, when using the cloud-based subscription processing options Applanix’ SmartBase (VRS) or Trimble PP-RTX instead of a local base station. Your True View Points pool can be managed and monitored using the web portal.  Additional points can be purchased via the portal or by contacting us directly. Purchased True View Points do not expire, but they cannot be refunded.


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