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The following are just some of the new features that were released with each build of LP360 since version 2.0 until the latest release of 2018.1. These are only to name but a few of the enhancements that have been made to the product, not to mention the myriad of bug fixes and improvements to existing features, with many more exciting features soon to be added.

New Features in build 2.0:

  • ArcGIS 10 capability
  • LAS Version 1.3 Support
  • Identify in the Profile and Viewer Windows
  • Plane Clipping Tools for eliminating overhead and underfoot points
  • Background color configurable for each view

New Features in v2011.1:

  • ArcGIS 10.1 Support
  • Adaptive TIN Ground Classification Filter
  • Low Points Filter Statistical Noise Filter
  • Automatic Point Cluster Vectorization
  • Automatic Profile Exporting
  • Feature Layer Display in Profile and Viewer Windows
  • Seamline Analysis
  • Tool River Flattening
  • LP360 for Windows 64-bit version

New Features in v2012.1:

  • Intensity Filter
  • Model Keypoints Routine
  • Flags Filter
  • IMG Raster File Support
  • Vertical Unit Conversion in Reproject Tool

New Features in v2013.1:

  • Compatible with ArcGIS 10.2
  • Separate TIN/Point Filters
  • Ability to set/clear Flags
  • Display by Files
  • Export Elevation Difference
  • Point Source ID Filter

New Features in v2013.2:

  • New Add Files dialog
  • Internationalization (LP360 is now available in Spanish)
  • Z conflation as a Point Cloud Task (PCT)
  • Constant Z option for Summarize Z conflation method
  • Support for LAS 1.4
  • Delta Z display and export capabilities
  • Point Density display and export capabilities
  • New PCT execution tools
  • I/O Manager
  • Volumetric Analysis
  • Viewer License includes Add Data capability
  • Mobile Image viewing
  • Filter by Scan Angle Display Option

New Features in v2014.1:

  • Control Point Window now available in LP360 for Windows
  • Control Point Report enhanced for new ASPRS Accuracy Standards for Digital Geospatial Data (DRAFT), including addition of horizontal control options
  • Polish version of the product is now available
  • Compatible with ArcGIS 10.3
  • Classify By Features is now available as a Point Cloud Task
  • Point Data Record Format for LAS outputs is now a selection option in the Export Wizard
  • Raster Layer support added to LP360 for Windows
  • New Point Cloud Task to populate intensity values from RGB values of a LAS file
  • New densify and smooth Point Cloud Task for lines or polygons
  • New cross sections Point Cloud Task
  • New rail extraction Point Cloud Task
  • Map labels now available in LP360 for Windows
  • Feature layer display now available in LP360 for Windows

New Features in v2015.1:

  • Live View – On the fly visualization of point display
  • Draw Shape Features Point Cloud Task
  • Ground Clean Up Filter Point Cloud Task
  • Attribute Editor Point Cloud Task
  • Coordinate System Utility
  • Planar Statistics Point Cloud Task
  • Automatic Toe Extractor Point Cloud Task
  • Attribute Editor
  • Schema Editor
  • Feature Edit Toolbar
  • Classify By Statistics Point Cloud Task

New Features in v2017.1:

  • Revamped and simplified method of adding data to LP360
  • Feature Edit Toolbar replete with feature display/selection/creation/editing tools
    • These include a host of new capabilities and commands for: Selecting Feature Layers, Saving Feature Edits, Discarding Feature Edits, Creating Feature Layers, Creating Features from other Feature Geometries, Selecting/Editing Features, Moving Features, Selecting/Editing Vertices, Adding Vertices, Deleting Vertices, Reshaping Geometry, Splitting Geometry, Simplifying Geometry, Respacing Geometry, Reversing Geometry, Showing the Vertex Properties Dialog, Auto-Z Mode Palette, Showing the Feature Edit Options Dialog, Feature Analyst Dialog (View/Edit Attributes), Schema Editor, Undo/Redoing Feature Edits, and Deleting Features
    • Feature Analyst Dialog
      • View/edit the attributes of features, parts and tabs
      • Analysis Testing
  • Point classification at less than 100% resolution
  • Point selection displayed across views
  • Re-Path Projects
  • Coordinate System property page with select coordinate system support
  • Breakline enforcement button shortcut
  • Smooth Contours
  • Export by file option in Export Wizard
  • Create Points from Selected Features
  • Snapping to Vertices/Lines
  • Performance Improvements to 3D Zoom
  • Reproject/Shift/Scale LAS Point Cloud Task
  • Grid Generator Point Cloud Task
  • Support for Web Mapping (Tile) Services (WMS/WMTS)

New Features in v2018.1:

  • Brand new hosted licensing system configured and managed using the new LP360 License Manager
  • New LAS file Analyst toolset for quickly analyzing, repairing or editing LAS files
  • New Buffer Geometry Command
  • Just-in-Time Prompt dialogs for Feature Edit tools settings
  • New Web Mapping (Tile) Service (WMS/WMTS) Interface
  • Color-fill Polygons
  • A new Profile View Area Calculation tool
  • Support for DWG files
  • New Monochromatic Display Legend Type
  • Support for LAZ files in LP360 projects
  • New Cursor cross-hair option for profile view
  • Reorganized Project Settings dialog
  • Improved Control Points dialog to reflect Horizontal Accuracy classes in the published ASPRS standards
  • Reproject Raster Point Cloud Task

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